Who are we and what do we do?

Barons provides services that enhance the clients ability to make timely business decisions that are specifically designed to meet unique needs in a cost efficient manner.  


Accounting:  a hub in which data is transferred in real time from all parts of the company and is translated into relevant information for use by management and third parties; and Tax: T1 personal tax returns and schedules, T2 corporate tax and schedules and HST and tax-In-put reports.

Barons of Business Ltd. provides out-sourced contract services to individuals, small and medium sized companies related to their accounting and bookkeeping needs, which in accordance with a client’s preference can be electronically managed on-line by Barons at the client’s office or the records and accounting may be maintained at the Barons office and the client may access financial information 24/7. 

Individuals and small companies prefer the latter as it reduces the costs and time allocated to day-to-day accounting / bookkeeping activities which may be better used focused on sales, product development and purchases.

Each client’s accounting records (Chart of Accounts and Reports) are developed and/or designed by Barons to meet the client’s unique needs and to ensure that the appropriate information flows from the accounting records into both mandatory personal, corporate tax returns and schedules which may be E-filed by the client to the Canada Revenue Agency. Detailed HST information and allowable in-put credits is contained within the accounting records and Barons ensures that they meet the client's requirements for filings.

At Barons of Business Ltd., we are committed to providing superior and reliable services. We achieve this through practical, customer-focused, strategic solutions developed in partnership with our clients to increase their profitability and help them to realize their maximum potential in their unique market. If you need help with your accounting or bookkeeping, but do not require it on a full-time basis, then we can take charge of your accounting / bookkeeping requirements. We offer these services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed basis.

Barons does not offer reviews or audited financial statements which is restricted to and licensed by the CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants). Our basic scope of work is restricted to the preparation of client provided data into informative standard internal financial reports in accordance with GAAP, financial analysis reports, compliance reviews, appropriate tests for reasonability, comparison year data, appropriate financial ratios, full detailed schedules on Assets and Liabilities and reports on any major differences that may result year to year. If the client requires a review or audit Barons will be happy, to direct them to an appropriate licensed practice with the working papers and reports created by Barons during their assignment.